It’s natural to be concerned about taking your pet in for surgery. It can take up to two years for female dogs to reach a regularity with their cycles, as they still need to fully develop and grow themselves too. During the time that she is in heat, she will be very attractive to any male dogs, so – unless you are planning on breeding her – it is vital that she does not have contact with other dogs. Spaying your beagle not only keeps unwanted litters of puppies from being born into a world already struggling with a pet overpopulation problem, it also offers additional health benefits. var day = now.getDate(); A young dog of six to twelve months may be physically able to achieve a pregnancy but is at risk of all sorts of complications, as – at that age – she is not even close to being fully physically developed herself. /* 234x60, created 4/1/11 */ The beagle's life expectancy is about 12 years. Female beagles, who are not spayed, go through an estrus cycle during which they are fertile. //--> They graft on chicken skin just to see if it will take or not. All Rights Reserved. Estrus is also when your dog will ovulate, meaning that there are eggs ready for fertilization. Other signs are visible only via testing at your vet’s office. var mm = newdate.getMonth() + 1; However, it is highly recommended by the American Kennel Club that you wait until your dog is at least two years of age before you start to breed her. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Cost should not be a factor in deciding whether or not to have your pet spayed. This will check for genetic issues that can be passed down to puppies. When she is in heat, she is “in season”. The Gestation Period for Beagles is approximately 59-65 days from the first breeding. All of these qualities are imperative to our breeding program. Whilst female Beagles can become sexually mature between the ages of 6 to 9 months, ethical breeders don’t recommend them mating until they are 2 and a half years old. Some beagles experience a good deal of discomfort, akin to human menstrual cramps and it will show in their behavior. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Two years of age is recommended as the best age to start breeding beagles for this reason.Although beagles are fertile at a very early age, it is not advisable to breed such a young beagle. Pyometra is often the result of hormonal changes in the uterine lining that take place during the proestrus and estrus phases of a dog’s heat cycle. Beagle information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. According to the AKC , week 7 to week 16 is the optimal time to do so. Bitches should have an obvious heat cycle by 24 months of age. newdate.setDate(newdate.getDate() + 63); Beagles are fantastic family dogs, and because of their loving disposition, they can be great companions for people who live by themselves as well. The relationship only works if they’re used to children and have been socialized at a young age to accept them. Spend this time giving your beagle extra well-deserved cuddles. Also, try using any of our other gestation calculators just for fun! So, what age is best for beagle breeding? They may also get more agitated around dogs, particularly male dogs, and may actually run away from them instinctively, especially if male dogs can sense that they are in heat. Also the increased vet visits to keep your dog and her puppies safe will require a lot of work, time, and money. A female Beagle’s sexual maturity is around six to twelve months old for both male and female dogs. Once your Beagle has been bred, watch for the signs a Beagle is pregnant. The beagle is a breed of small hound that is similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound. These may be less obvious during proestrus, although some beagles do get more withdrawn or – conversely – overly affectionate. You’ll want to be careful on walks, and extra careful at dog parks or beaches, anywhere she could be off leash and around male dogs. It’s somewhat equivalent to a human female’s menstrual cycle and is also referred to as being “in season” or “in heat.” It typically occurs seasonally, around twice a year in the fall and the spring. However, this does vary with each dog. Your job as an owner during this time is simply to keep your beagle calm, monitor the incision site for any signs of infection, follow your vet’s recommendations and allow your beagle to get some rest. Unfortunately, if not caught early this condition can be fatal, which is why it’s very important to get your dog spayed if you are certain that you don’t want to breed them. The consensus is generally to have your Beagle spayed before the first heat. Knowing the signs and how the heat cycle works can help you keep your beagle more comfortable, monitor her fertility and keep an eye out for any possible concerns.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'modernbeagle_com-box-3','ezslot_7',110,'0','0'])); Unlike humans, female beagles do not enter into menopause, meaning that – in effect – they are fertile for the majority of their lives, if left unspayed. Exercise & Training. day = "0" + day; For information on finding low cost services look up the ASPCA or your local animal shelter. Is there a certain age or a good age for a female's first litter and how old should the male be Search " " across the entire site Search " " in this forum Search " " in this discussion Advanced Search Regardless, if your dog is in heat and you are worried about male dogs potentially getting her pregnant, you’ll have to be pretty diligent. Male Beagle dogs should be at least 9 months old; with the 1 year mark being preferred to ensure good, viable sperm. The Gestation Period for Beagles is approximately 59-65 days from the first breeding. We only breed dogs with sweet temperaments and good looks that conform to the Beagle standards that have passed their tests for a healthy heart, hips, and eyes. During proestrus and estrus, your dog may seem like a “whole new girl!” She will exhibit a range of behaviors that make her more attractive and available to a mate. And we also do our best to keep our Beagle Puppies up to date with all their shots, Vet Check and Potty trained. History: The beagle breed has existed for hundreds of years and is one of the most familiar breeds in the world. Training should begin at an early age, encouraging success with affection and treats. It mostly occurs when a beagle doesn’t get pregnant during the estrus phase, because progesterone levels continue to remain high, which can result in increased thickness in the uterine lining until cysts start to form. There are numerous signs that you can look for to tell you that your beagle is in heat. In more detail, the stages of the heat cycle are: During the proestrus phase, you probably won”t notice any real changes in your beagle’s behavior or her physical state. A spayed beagle is less likely to wander (and possibly get lost or injured) because of their more regulated behavior and activity levels. This allows her body to grow and mature before enduring the stress of pregnancy. amzn_assoc_linkid = "6f41821a09c645e1b902574552eb44b0"; The Beagle Pregnancy Calculator replaces the traditional Beagle Gestation Chart or the Beagle Whelping Calendar where you had to count the days until your Beagle’s due date. It is this hormone that signals the body to release eggs, as well as affecting behaviors that make the dog attractive to potential mates. In order for a Beagle dog to interact safely with a small child, he needs to understand that the child ranks above him in the pack hierarchy. When your dog starts her first heat cycle, it is normal for these cycles to be somewhat irregular and not perfectly spaced out by six months. It can take up to two years for female dogs to reach a regularity with their cycles, as they still need to fully develop and grow themselves too. Both of these are good indicators of where a beagle is at in her cycle. In general, female dogs reach puberty or sexual maturity around the age of six months. The estrogen levels in her body will drop and, instead, progesterone levels increase. Beagles are generally considered a … For information on finding low cost services look up the. It’s intended to help website visitors answer the question ‘What is a Beagle’s due date?’ or ‘How Long Are Beagles Pregnant For?’ or ‘How Long is a gestation period for Beagles?’ or ‘When will my Beagle give birth?’. In addition to behavioral advantages, being spayed also offers protection from diseases, such as uterine and breast infections, which can lead to malignancies. According to one breed historian, beagles were written about as early as the 1400s. var month = (now.getMonth() + 1); amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "whelping"; If your Beagle has not delivered by day 67, it’s critical to have a veterinarian see her. Whether or not your dog is pregnant, you will see big changes in behavior as she returns more to her “normal self.” Pregnancy symptoms will slowly begin to emerge during this time but, for the most part, diestrus is fairly uneventful. my beautiful beagle April delivered 5 babies on 10th and 11th of June. Once your beagle has retired, vets recommend getting her spayed so that she can enjoy the many health benefits that it imparts. Your vet can prescribe medication to help your dog deal with any post-op pain. Spaying greatly reduces ovarian and mammary cancer and unwanted litters of puppies. Beagles can continue to go into heat well into their later years. This stage lasts from anywhere between 9 and 27 days, and typically happens right before the Estrus stage starts.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'modernbeagle_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',112,'0','0'])); During this time, your beagle’s level of estrogen is at a peak and she will be very receptive to breeding. "); Two years of age is recommended as the best age to start breeding beagles for this reason. If they appear to have more energy than usual, or get more tired out by your regular walks more frequently, this could be a sign of the estrus stage of their heat cycle.In addition to the signs that you can look for at home, your vet can also check for additional signs that your beagle is indeed in heat. This can be a hard symptom to pin down, as while most female beagles will become more energetic and excited or even frenzied acting, others will withdraw and be quieter. At this stage, your beagle will no longer be receptive to mating and is not capable of becoming pregnant (due to the fact that they likely are already pregnant). This breeding calculator is no way to take away from the need for you to seek a vet’s professional advice about a Beagle gestation period. The earlier your dog is spayed, the more protection that is conferred, especially since spaying at a young age can prevent breast development and the hormonal changes of the late part of the estrus cycle. is providing this mobile friendly Beagle Pregnancy Calculator as a service to Beagle owners. How old does a female Beagle have to be to breed? Spend this time giving your beagle extra well-deserved, link to How to Train Your Beagle Puppy to Stop Biting. The, Most female beagles retire from being bred by the age of seven, although they may be able to get pregnant for many years past that. // return false; } google_ad_client = "pub-6027037844042676"; Once your beagle has retired, vets recommend getting her. *Beagle Pregnancy Calculator uses an average 63 day Beagle gestation period (Source: amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; On average, your female Beagle will have her first cycle when she is about 6 months old. Beagle information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Beagles and dog breed mixes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});