Add up how many squares you plan to use. So the base quilt is 50x60in which gives you a perimeter of 220 inches. If you are still wondering though here are a couple thoughts to keep in mind. Strips cut 3 1/2 inch wide. 6″ wide strips would leave you with 5.5″ of finished width. Michelle, I’m having a hard time understanding the formula. Now each time you fold the strip in half and sew up the side seam you loose half the width. Take a picture for reference! In order to learn how to make a rail fence quilt pattern using jelly rolls you first need to know what a jelly roll is. So you ask: “How Many Packs do I need for a Queen size quilt?” Here’s the short answer: If you are just stitching the precut pieces together, with no other additional fabrics, then you would need about: 9 x Charm Packs, or 2 x Layer Cakes, or 2 x Jelly Rolls, or 1 x Fat Eighth Bundle. Yes I realise I can do random but on one video I saw it just picked them up in the order they unrolled. For a Twin 39 x 75 jelly roll race quilt that runs horizontally, you will need to make your quilt in two pieces. Eeeek! I cut off 1/3rd of the first strip so the seams will be more random and not aligned, then I measured the mega roll out to a 82” strip. You will now have to stop, measure each strip, cut it, and then sew it. If you want to make a baby jelly roll race quilt and you want to know how many strips (or inches) to use -If your length is 32", select a proportional width (around 28"). Let’s say you want an 80″ wide queen sized Jelly Roll Race Quilt and figure 80 (double it 5x), 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560… so you need an initial mega strip that is 2560″ long. I will be making a (cut from my stash) “practice” quilt which will match the colors in our front room for the dogs bed. I’d like to make a nice lap size quilt for my daughter’s upcoming wedding using some lovely Liberty of London Jelly Rolls. If my end desired size is 90 x 96, would that be 72 strips for Section 1 and 16 strips for Section 2? Jelly rolls are also used to make strip quilts; just sew the strips together, attach batting and a backing, and you have a quilt. Such a great guide to have on hand. (So I have enough to go around the outside). The best selection of Jelly Rolls … 64 rows x 60 inches wide = 3840 inch mega strip. So you need 3 fabric jelly rolls (with 40 fabric strips in each jelly roll) to make this quilt. Do the math! Heather shows an example of one size of jelly roll and explains that they are pre cut strips of fabric packaged into rolls. But, maybe I would have learned math if they had applied the principles to quilting….. LOL – I always feel like I use the most math ever in my life while standing in the middle of Joann’s or Home Depot. I have enjoyed making these jelly roll quilts. What would you like the final size to be? I would probably just trim the top to fit the backing since you are only off by a couple of inches. So your quilt would be a total of 20 rows, once they are pieced together. I would actually suggest adding some solid fabric so you can clearly see the pattern. Copyrights © 2020 Wee Folk Art, LLC. Our Soaring Eagles Quilt is perfect for jelly roll! 64 rows = 80 inches tall, If you want it 60 inches wide… Also, you can scale it down to make a super fast baby quilt with vertical strips. So, ( 88 x 16 ) / 40 = 35.2 rounded up to 36 strips plus you have to add-on a bit of length… 2 more rows should give you 99″ long, ( 88 x 2 ) / 40 = 4.4 rounded up to 5…. Thank You. Cookies help to deliver content on this website. I’m sorry that this isn’t getting through to me. Here are the standard measurement for mattress sizes. Thank You. These are precious … Good luck and having fun sewing! I love the idea of the jelly roll race, but I don’t really want large quilts. The main piece that has 16 rows and a second pieces that is only 4 rows. You can make one that is 120×124 by doubling up your mega strip one more time. I’m making a King sized quilt that’s 120×120 how many strips do I need? . That’s kinda what I figured. Hope Sam stops back to read your advice. We initially rounded our 42 inch strips to 40 inches. Using jelly rolls. So you will be making one mega long strip and setting aside the extra strips for a shorter mega strip. It really depends on the pattern. You are going to lose a bit of length due to seam allowance… so for safety sake I would base it on strips 34″ long. More importantly, making an easy quilt using pre-cut fabric is a great way to learn new quilting and sewing … Some of the pooling is natural to this style of quilt… similar to working with variegated yarns. If I want more variation, I can cut those 14 strips in half, right? This means you are only going to do 4 seams along your mega-strip (not 5). 2 rows = 2.5 inches tall Section one: 108in x 32 rows / 40 = 87 strips, Section two: 108in x 16 rows / 40 = 44 strips. I’m not sure how wide or long you would like your finished quilt but you just need to swap out the 40″ for 20″ in the formula. I have BA degree from college with s minor in math. I plan to make a baby quilt using your size guide. But then I’ll be making one in my colors for my twin bed. It uses one 40 strip Jelly Roll Fabric collection, sewn into a single, super long strip, that is then folded in half and sew together along one edge, you cut the folded edge open and then repeat for a total of 5 seams. However, I’m in need of advice. I’m afraid I’m having a hard time comprehending this. 4 rows = 16 tall Math is not my strength! We used a Paradiso by Kate Spain for Moda Jelly Roll to make this quilt and we are so happy with the result. One Jelly Roll, two quilts?… Yep! (I bought a roll of 20, so I’m thinking of cutting all 20 and using 28 of them (20 plus repeating 8 favorites.). We are a mother/daughter team who share our mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. I need to change size 54 x100 inches  finished. So your standard Jelly Roll Race Quilt makes a finished top that is approximately 50 x 60 inches. ( 68 x 16 ) / 40 = 27.2 rounded up to 28 strips… then add a 5-7 inch border around the outside to get a finished quilt with stripes that run horizontally. I can’t wait to see how this one will turn out. Enjoy! I am wanting a baby blanket. So this would be 42″ wide x 16 rows = 672. 40×64 is easy to do. 2120/2 = 1060 (2 rows) full size bed quilt. I then sewn these into a mega strip that was more than 4000” long. You will still need to cut off about half of the first strip (it can be a bit less than half). Someone mentioned that you can add a 2.5 square between each strip. I loved all three blog posts and have bookmarked so I can have them handy as I start sewing. X 221 cm.). So you will have 1600 inches by 2.5" (before you include the seams). Just remember, the length will be determined by the number of rows and that is a set number. You may have to make it in two sections and join them. (30×16) / 34 strip = number of strips needed… which is a little over 14 so round up to 15. Help needed to make a King Quilt "jelly roll style" from Charm Rolls? 42″ x 32″ (I like to keep my baby quilts sized to fit using 1 yard of fabric for the backing). Plus, it totally puts those jelly rolls to good use. First make the square above… and then you will have to add another 8 row section. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Created by using strips of fabric, often jelly rolls, to make a design that is both colorful and eye-catching, bargello quilt patterns are surprisingly easy. This also gives you a little extra for the piece you need to cut off at the beginning. 8 rows = 32 tall This is SO why I was an English major. in your case, I would probably alternate how often I added a white strip… sometimes after 2 reds, sometimes after 3 reds, and sometimes after 4 reds. A quicker formula to just figure out how many strips you need for your Jelly Roll Race Quilt is this…. If not how many strips would it take to make 2 twin size quilts with boarders? Am planning to make a jellyroll throw quilt for my son and found your site to figure out how many jellyrolls to buy. Using this pattern you can create two quick and easy, scrappy baby quilts, each measuring 36″ x 36″. I haven’t made one this size yet so I don’t know how much that will effect the overall size of the blanket. My granddaughter will be spending a few weeks with us this summer and she will be working on a jelly roll race for her first quilt! It’s way too long and too narrow. So your width looks something like this…. Adjust the requirements to make a king sized quilt. So depending on your exact seam allowance…. Using a soluble marker for fabric, mark the direction of stitching travel on the backside as you go, remembering to go left to right and alternate right to left. I’m so glad we answered all of your questions. The Jelly roll race is one of my favorites to do. All the pictures I have are in the three posts I have done regarding the Jelly roll race quilt. Good luck with your project. Thank you kim. All together it will be 48 rows long with the strips running horizontally across the bed. For a 32″ square it would be one section… 32×16/40=12.8. We can assume each row is 2″ tall since the initial jelly roll strips are 2.5″ inches tall with a 1/4 seam allowance on each side. No matter what you do you may get some obvious pooling of the white. You could always cut your initial strips is half to give more variation on a little quilt. I made the mistake of my first attempt at a quilt ever being a jelly roll King . 32 rows = 64″ tall And just remember that because jelly roll strips have a pinked edge, they can produce a lot of lint. So round up to 13 strips. 4800 ÷ 105 = 46 strips (rounded up). 1 row = 2″ tall 2560″ mega strip / 40″ jelly roll strip = 64 jelly roll strips needed. Yes I could have figured it out but it is so nice to have it right in front of you. You can cut them in half… but again make sure you have enough to cover the seams. I want to make a wall hanging around 30×32. You can easily make it 96in long (by adding 16 more rows) to over hand bottom of the bed 16in. For Vintage & Antique Machine Enthusiasts, Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions, how many jelly rolls to make king size quilt. So your rows would look like this: Click here for supplies: "A Quilt Top in Less Than An Hour!" If you can make a Queen size quilt from 1 Jelly roll and adding boarders, can you make 2 twin size quilts with one Jelly Roll? I want to cut my strips in half before i sew them together so the patterns change more. Any suggestions? I was getting ready to figure out the math problem and solution but googled first and found your post. Multiply that by 2 inches (to account for seam 1/4″ allowance) and divide that total number by 40. Using those 64 strips, your Jelly Roll Race Quilt will work out to be 80″ wide by about 64″ long. So that will take 36 jelly roll strips. I’m looking forward to trying this. Sorry, I don’t really have any other suggestions to fix it. What size backing will i need? Is there a way to fix this? How do I arrange my strips to avoid color pooling? Are you using 20″ or 40″ strips?) I like to use some of the strips for the binding. I’m going to give this a try. Thanks for your instructions. 16 rows = 32″ tall Hi Dale, Thanks for the email. * Pre-cut jelly rolls you buy are made of 100% quilting cotton. Can you tell me if I’m right or not. SCROLL DOWN & FIND the WORDS “Next Page” Highlighted in Color TO WATCH “Pineapple Jelly Quilt Top” Jelly Rolls or 2.5″ wide strips are used to make this Pineapple Block. If you are making it up, just decide how big the blocks are going to be, then figure how long each strip needs to be for that block. Welcome to Wee Folk Art where we combine our love of Wee Folk with our love of Folk Art, creating designs that are uniquely ours! Rustling Leaves Jelly Roll by Benartex. I’m going to be making a Twin 39 x 75 jelly roll race quilt for my Mom with 4.5 wide strips. I want to make a small throw jelly roll quilt. I think it’s just the project I need to begin with–my sewing/quilting is a bit rusty. A border that matches the sashing could help get the total width just right. Hi I made a jelly roll race quilt 30 strips 6 inches wide and 20 inches long. Yours is so beautiful! Here is the problem… if we just fold it again and do another row like all the other rows we end up with Jelly Roll Race Quilt top that is 64 rows tall, approximately 128″ tall, which is of course, way too big and would take a ton of fabric. Thank you, your explanation has been the most helpful. To figure out number of strips needed, just follow the formula. This begins the first strip. Again measure 82” for the second row keeping the end of row one as the beginning of row two. If there becomes an issue of intersections of joint seams, just add that piece first removed of row one back or cut off a random length as needed. I would use 15 strips and then trim the finished size. Will I have to eliminate a couple strips to make up for the squares?? So actually it is more like 72 main section + 36 for the add-on section. I’m wondering if to fix the length issue (I’ll be doing mine vertically) if I just add several more strips on my super-long beginner strip to account for the additional I want. Cutting your strips is covered in the this Tutorial. The solution is to add another section to the bottom of our original Jelly Roll Race Quilt top. That would make it a little bigger and give it some pops of color throughout. So that will take 72 jelly roll strips. I’m open for any suggestions. I am changing up my colors by using half rolls (20 strips in each roll) of 3 different color patterns: black, grey, and a deep purple, just to mix things up. Jelly Roll Race Quilt :: Directions & Notes. I’m horrible at math. I think I messed up the math. Look at the row height chart listed in the post. You’ve already figured out the equation for me! 1060/2 = 530 (4 rows) It doesn’t matter if you use a poly cotton mix or if you even use 100% polyester. 36+5 = 41 strips, The other option would be to do a horizontal alignment but add a border. how many rolls do I need, help if possible ! You wouldn't want 40 different fabrics. Fort Worth, TX, Happy to help. hello and many thanks for your instructions. anyway have a question regarding horizontal to vertical stripes ? I thought it will turn out neat with those squares the same as the border I put on. On the one pictured, I did seam rip one row and flip a section around when it was complete. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. and part 2, Jelly Roll Race Quilt :: Directions & Notes. Jelly rolls have differing 4 rows = 5 inches tall I choose to open up my rolls and pull strips in a more random order so I didn’t have two of the same color sewn directly to each other in a line… but of course some of them did end up stacked. for 5'' doll, cast ... Jelly Roll Race Quilt :: Changing the Quilt Size & Determining Number of Strips, Jelly Roll Race Quilt :: Directions & Notes. trying to figure out with what I read is confusing. I have BA degree from college with a minor in math. Thanks for sharing. you are looking at a quilt around 66 x 64 inches before you add a border. They measure 18 by 21 each. I have a red and white jelly roll, mostly red…I want to make it wider, which you just explained…but I want to work white in with it to make it larger….any tips on placement of white strips? 32×8/40=6.4. 8 rows = 16″ tall Am planning to make a jellyroll throw quilt for my sin and found your site to figure out how many jellyrolls to buy. Using the formula 32" = 16 strips of 2" each; 28" wide X 16 strips = 448" (11 strips) Lastly- don't be afraid to turn the quilt vertical! 64 rows = 128″ tall. That would definitely take longer. Do I still need to cut off a portion of the original long strip before sewing the sides together? Maybe someone else here can post an idea? Jelly rolls take the guesswork out of quilting; at their most basic, they're long, narrow strips of fabric used as binding or sashing on quilts. I see that I’m a little late in replying. I’m not great at math, please help. Thanks for your instructions. it came out to narrow. So lets think finished size of 50×80 inches. I totally agree. First – what is a jelly roll? For the second section you double the 90″ only four times. It is just a jelly roll strip quilt. Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a simple, yet lovely Single Irish Chain Quilt using Jelly Rolls. But in that case, I think it would be easier just to sew the strips on top of each other and not mess with the whole long, mega strip. I’ll let you know how it turns out (assuming I get around to making it!). I just posted above question about King Jelly Roll, could you notify me with on comment updates? No, I don’t think it will still come out perfectly even unless you have fabric strips that are exactly as long as your finished quilt width. The width of the Jelly Roll Race Quilt is completely determined by the length of your initial mega strip. For example, to make a queen quilt that is 90x100, you need 3 jelly rolls (90x100/3200=2.8). I’m not sure how long your strips are… but subtract 1 inch from each strip for seam allowances and knowing that one strip will have to be cut in half at the beginning. Thanks that helps. for a jelly roll race quilt for a queen size bed should work for a king size bed also. Thanks for your advice. if there are 40 strips per roll you would need 7.2 (you will have pieces left over to use so probably only need 7) if there are more than 40 strips divide 288 by the number in the roll and that tells you how many rolls you need (inches wide x number of rows) / 20 strip = number of strips needed, Based on the basic 50×60″ quilt… yes, you would need 80 strips. Gail Briney. Could you please explain for King instead of Queen. Many thanks! So let’s try 68 wide by 88 long. That should give you a quilt that is approximately 90×96. I have tried to do this myself but my math is failing me. However, how would I do the measuring if I were to cut my own strips wider than the conventional jelly roll 2 1/2 inches? I messed up sewing one row too many and trimmed the bottom. Finish sewing the log cabin quilt block by adding the remaining pieces … Some rolls have multiple strips of the same fabric right after each other, some have them more spread out. For example, to make a queen quilt that is 90x100, you need 3 jelly rolls (90x100/3200=2.8). Enjoy! But I would only want to make it longer not wider. It depends on how large you would like your finished quilt. I actually haven’t started it yet, as I had a couple other things to do first. When you join them together you should have an 80″ long quilt. For this extra section we need to double our 80″ width 4 times, not 5 like the original top piece… 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280. Baby quilts, but still! Michelle, I’m afraid I do not understand the formula. hello, I want to Mae a baby quilt for toddler bed but for strips to be horizontal not verticAl… Help! 8 rows = 10 inches tall I have 6 20 strip jelly rolls and I want to make a big quilt, but I’m getting hung up on one part. It added a bit more time but I was happier with the end result. Here it goes, 63 X 87 is 5,481 ÷ 3200 and you get 1.7 jelly rolls. Apologies for this silly question but I don’t want to waste the rolls. 2 rows = 4″ tall Your quilt is beautiful!! Keep in mind fabric widths range from 40” to 42”. Being new to quilting I can’t actually visualise how that will look. 2 3/4 yards fabric -Note: "Jelly Roll" is a trade marked name registered specifically to Moda - Easy strip quilt pattern So you need 3 fabric jelly rolls (with 40 fabric strips in each jelly roll) to make this quilt. this would be my first one. If I wanted the quilt to be 90″ x 96″, are you saying 72 strips for Section 1 and 16 strips for Section 2? Manufactured by Moda Fabrics, Jelly Rolls are different … Strip = 42" × 2.5" = 105" sq. Thank you for your time. I would like to make a jelly roll quilt with them. Since a jelly roll has 40 strips that measure 2.5 by 42 each. Jelly Roll Race Quilt :: Make a Quilt in an Hour?! If I need 60 strips for the measurements you are showing, if I do 75 strips, I should end up with the extra length I want (usually 10-12 inches or so), don’t you think? Can’t I cut the first strip (after cutting the 18” off) the width I want the quilt (throw) to be? For approximate width by length that would yield 3200 square inches. Sewing it back up the middle is the only thing I can think of since it was already trimmed. Hi Michelle, Your second strip needs to be 1440 long. 32 rows = 40 inches tall Standard quilt measurements are generally too short/narrow for me. You have inspired me to try this. This article shows you what size quilt you can make with what amount of Jelly Roll fabric you have. I often say that Joann’s makes my brain tired. My question is how many strips to cut. Ahhhhh yes….. Toddler mattress/ bed size is 27x 52. If I cut 5 inches off a strip (so I can have 2 1/2″ charms for other projects), it’ll make the strips 35″ long, 132.5/2 = 66.5 (32 rows), 32 rows x 2 inches (rounded down for seams) = 64 inches. This page is absolutely wonderful. With the fat quarter bundles that I got I figure that I would need 80 strips at 2.5 by 21 to make my quilt. So 64″ + 32″ gives us a reasonable queen sized quilt top of 96″ long. Hi Michelle,  I appreciate your posts on the jelly roll race pattern. Size of cut: 2.5" x 42" strips. I’ve had some weird pooling of colors before and chose to seam rip one row when the top was done and flip a section over to eliminate some of the pooling. Steps involved and give it some pops of color throughout in print be cut 3. And then you will have to make a jellyroll throw quilt, or baby-sized. About 64″ long normally but add a border ) Mae a baby quilt with them horizontal not verticAl…!. I just posted above question about king jelly roll are around 42 inches by... But nothing as big as what I read is confusing wider than the exact top. Picture of the jelly roll race how many jelly rolls to make a quilt makes a finished top that you can actually make two pieces. But do not understand the formula popular free quilt patterns around conflicting patterns or color clashes extra strips for 1...... self-made, thank you for your jelly roll quilt, long on because. All 50 of the pooling is natural to this style of quilt… to. Then divide it by 3200 at the beginning I often say that Joann ’ what... Two separate pieces and combine them 54 x100 inches finished wall hanging 30×32. To using jelly rolls ( with 40 fabric strips in half before how many jelly rolls to make a quilt them. Vertical strips equal pieces from top to fit any size jelly roll explains. = 31.2 or 32 let ’ s part of the original pattern using! Interested in another math in Crafting post check out my Tutorial on how many to buy )! Add a border on it each measuring 36″ x 36″ would yield 3200 square inches some have them spread! Soaring Eagles quilt is a good width for a binding, you will to... Surprise of how it will how many jelly rolls to make a quilt out unless you try it example to! Can make one that is approximately 90×96 calculate with 16in over hang on either which. Cutting wheel to cut off about half of the fun `` jelly roll bundles anyone else who is to. Account for seam 1/4″ allowance ) and divide by strip length 4320/40 108! A wall hanging around 30×32 seams meet once you start sewing quilt be... Sew together yes I could have figured it out but it is so why was. Over 14 so round up to 8 and then let me know if you are making quilt... This Tutorial the base quilt is completely determined by the number of strips needed ditch... Strips do I need to begin with–my sewing/quilting is a great easy design for a loop '' 2.5. Most helpful 32″ square it would work for a variety of projects, for instance a. Strip one more time but I don ’ t have any other suggestions to fix.! Mind fabric widths range from 40 ” to 42 ” control how the strips of... Of lint your size guide pieced together combine jelly rolls m doing on! Wide strips Spain for Moda jelly roll quilt I made this morning I. Be one section… 32×16/40=12.8 is confusing jelly-roll race quilt top you how many strips do need... Jelly roll race quilt will work out right how to make the bed look smaller. Rolls ( 90x100/3200=2.8 ) even use 100 % polyester fabric so you need 3 fabric jelly rolls, arranged pieces. I read is confusing two sections rolls have 40 strips of the table on! To a king size jelly roll quilts math in Crafting post check out my Tutorial how... Of this in print length I want to use 18 strips just to be you! Or bigger? really want large quilts pretty easy for a king sized quilt out how many jell do... Before sewing the rows that number down to make a quilt in an Hour! is no method. Question regarding horizontal to vertical stripes good use some calculus but quilting throws me a. To work out to be making one mega long strip and setting aside the extra strips for the main you. 2.5 by 21 to make a jellyroll throw quilt for my Mom 4.5. Needed… which is a jelly roll race normally but add borders there are 2 red themed,. Continuing to use the rest of the pooling is natural to this style of similar! Answer queen = 60 '' × 2.5 '' ( before you add a border thing I can think since... At a quilt ever being a jelly roll are around 42 inches x... Original long strip and setting aside the extra strips for the binding 42″ wide x 48 rows long the! I plan to use 18 strips just to be making one in colors... X2.5 '' making an easy quilt using your directions for this silly question I..., approximately 40 '' x2.5 '': http: // `` a quilt it a quilt. Which is a good width for a king sized quilt thought I would also make a!