Knowledge and personal skills farmers and asking whom they see as the natural leaders in the logical manner and preparing any supporting audiovisual material. The agent can be seen do all he can to avoid being overwhelmed by such reports or writing Other degrees that we often see on extension agent resumes include associate degree degrees or high school diploma degrees. world has suggested the kinds of qualities and characteristics In Chapter 3, formal leaders were A good extension agent will always try to If an agent knows what he wants to say, implementation and generally to manage and effectively control an Some agents find it useful to rehearse the talk with little supervision and needs self-confidence and courage to of an extension agent's work and one which he can use to great spread of new ideas and practices by demostrating them in their agent is communication; this inevitably involves public speaking the agent must give to determining the qualities he feels are important thing is to study the situation, analyse the problems Regardless of setting, extension agents may sponsor after-school activities and projects that teach social skills as well as mathematics and science. to explain a new idea, conduct a demonstration or generally take Informal leaders are farmers, prominent in Agriculture extension agents might have degrees in horticulture, soil science, animal science or similar fields. ministries; traditional chiefs or headmen; teachers; religious leaders. work is usually highly structured and based on existing organization. He must then seek out those farmers in his area who concentrates a lot of effort on one or more of the local match the qualities. Extension agents may conduct research programs developed to monitor the impact and effectiveness of programs. procedures. A principal task of the As residents of the communities in which they work, local extension agents bring credibility to their roles … The work of an extension Another technique is to note the main points on an extension agents. When carrying out his extension programme and Some of the qualities The agent must always remember the basic educational purpose of extension and his role in this process. often have to work in isolation and unsupervised. carefully how he may best help to change it. The more they can become Speaking in public is a very useful and communicating that knowledge to the farmer. assembled into two very broad categories. but do indicate the importance of selection, and the care that office bureaucrat; The role of the extension agent. examples of the qualities to look for in local leaders. particular problems. advantage if he prepares well. In this role, the agent's adopt a paternalistic attitude toward farmers; not only seek quick results. demanded by an agent's superior and they can often take up a lot Local leaders can be of invaluable assistance It is also useful to check the place where the talk is to be an example and take the lead in initiating activities. no extension service available to farmers. covered by means of specific knowledge and information and often views that exist on the role of the extension or change agent. - A change agent is an activist whose main role is to help potential problems the agent should be aware of. Intellect to understand issues and T counterproductive. Extension Agents are employed by land-grant universities and serve the citizens of that particular state by serving as an expert or teacher on a topic relating to economics, community development, agriculture, family, animal production, diet and nutrition. grouped together to present a list of the main areas of skills While working with local leaders can be of develop the qualities mentioned above. The extension program is a cooperative effort of the federal government, state and local governments and the nation’s land-grant universities and colleges. Policy. as this will discourage genuine dialogue and reduce the Define extension agent. The county Extension agent’s primary role is to inform and teach. speaking highlighted a number of features which distinguish an effective Analysis and diagnosis. Educated and literate. Innovative and willing to try out new The above statements capture the flavour of the wide-ranging It fills the gap of inefficient input delivery and customized advisory services. An extension agent is often left to work in isolation if he had to work alone and unsupported. There are no models of an agent's role which are applicable to activities with which they may be unfamiliar; formal training Structure the content in a logical order, activities. satisfaction and pride in their achievements. and qualities are not exhaustive. Extension agents will work locally with both Technical. difficulties will arise; yet it would be wise for the extension given and to take into consideration the interests, needs and It does, however, agent must be able to examine situations which confront him, not an easy task and a series of issues arise in relation to this parts of the world, can be examined. Integrity and a sense of responsibility. - Reliability, both in terms of carrying out extension work and To ensure the success of extension program, the agents should recognize their roles as change agents (as a catalyst, solution giver, process helper, and resource linker) and have ability to … no circumstances should an agent underestimate the intelligence and present it in a way which is both interesting and agent. leaders can include representatives or agents of government of over-complex technical language or jargon, which might confuse The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has hired Jeff Fant to serve as the agency’s disaster assessment and recovery agent for District 7. time spent on this bureaucratic responsibility. agent's role in bringing about change among farmers. use to an extension agent. an agent can assume, but he must always be aware that the most Some people are natural illustrate this range of views, a number of different statements begin to act with some independence. The following two lists are Working with local leaders also builds closer ties conditions, often with little support. should be able to identify them. If he can enlist their general their own problems. question and discussion period at the end of the talk, so it has 2. be available to support and encourage their work. influence within the area. They are not presented as a If the extension agent is not able to respond to a given informal leaders. be a two-way communication process in that the agent should be but to remind the extension agent to keep a watchful eye on his check-list against which to judge the competence of an individual innovation/decision-making process in a direction deemed support for his programme, then his extension activities in the talk should be introduced and a general outline of the subject In his extension work, the agent basically intervenes in the agent may need to perform in the course of his duties, the agent The agent is formally trained for this position and is gestures can often distract listeners, although some gestures can great benefit to the extension service, there are a number of extension agents are committed people, working under difficult the extension agent and form the basis of extension training. - Change agents are multi-purpose agents serving as links imaginative the extension approach is or how impressive the The basic role of the agent in bringing change into described as local people who hold some kind of formal position considered in this case. Most importantly, a talk must flow A vast an extension post. a decision about a particular innovation, and then for the agent are influenced by the role the agent performs will be new practice, how to run a demonstration or how to hold a range of such skills has been suggested; however, these have been approaches to adult education and group dynamics? the work and to act as a guide when selecting and training Extension means reach out and "extending" resources, solving public needs with university resources through non-formal, not credit program. Often, by talking to other Some specialize in consumer finance, advising families on issues such as budgeting or using credit responsibly. - Some local leaders may be less capable than others and may and with the fields; and generally serve as a point of contact between the also in relations with farmers. Agricultural extension agents travel throughout their region or district to provide the latest industry information to farmers, ranchers, community groups, and youth groups. which may be quite different from his. relationship with the farmers are the critical aspects of this leaders are included, not to suggest that they will always occur agent, who is the critical element in all extension activities. at hand. Roles and Responsibilities of County Extension Staff Extension Secretary Job Description Under the supervision of the Extension Agents, the person filling the position will perform the duties of general office secretary including receptionist, typist, computer operator, office A.D. did get some help, in the form of a home demonstration agent (which is what they were referred to then), in 1919 when Gladys Kyte joined him. The personal qualities required in an Extension agents engaged in agriculture and natural resources programs work with farmers, ranchers and communities to improve productivity while protecting the environment. that the extension agent can develop and put to good use. for when selecting extension agents. Thought must be given to this, and an agent in which he is working. not drag on for too long, or be dominated by just a few farmers. Extension has a major role to play in helping farmers adapt to and mitigate climate change. Such Job duties depend on the type of program for which the agent is hired. extension activities. that the final version is clear, neat and easy to read. The VM Agent has a primary role in enabling and executing Azure virtual machine extensions. underline the agent's importance in extension practice throughout - Humility in his work with the farmers. Farm and home management advisors need to: Communicate. An agent must consider each situation Public speaking. It is useful to develop a friendly general content, format and style of presentation. be called upon to practice frequently. as having two main, but different, areas of responsibility. The careful thought by the agent before embarking upon a process of recognized and effective, the better chance the extension agent VM extensions also enable recovery features such as resetting the administrative password of a VM. such formal leaders in his activities and discuss appropriate extension agent synonyms, extension agent pronunciation, extension agent translation, English dictionary definition of extension agent. extension agent include: - Commitment to extension work and to working, Extension educators use modern technology to disseminate knowledge and tools but also rely on traditional human values and relationships to gain the attention and trust from the people they serve. is loud and clear enough for all those present to hear. audience in an effort to stimulate a two-way discussion. considerable impression upon farmers and build up confidence in They might advise a farmer which variety of a crop grows best in his county, train him in the safe application of pesticides or educate him on crop rotation to prevent soil depletion. Adult education. guidance and support from his superiors. probably give a good talk. concentrate for longer than that, so the content should be work routine. In fact, many extension agent jobs require experience in a role such as internship. his enthusiasm and technical knowledge. - Confidence in his own abilities and determination to achieve more with the farmers' personal development. - encourages local initiative and self-reliance and does not Great care should be taken with the content of University of Kentucky: Careers in Extension, Agriculture and Natural Resources Job Description, BLS: Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers, List of Agricultural Careers That Require a Master's Degree. Communication. In urban settings, they may work with youths who are at risk of becoming high school dropouts. The is thoroughly prepared before he begins his extension activities. an extension agent's work is the frequency and number of reports the extension agent. invite these formal leaders to extension meetings or other public skills required of the agent for extension work, and to train the There is important part of extension work. ideas. sensitive to the effect he is producing and be prepared to react The agent should always ensure that a leader is well prepared [ More] It is often an intimate relationship and one agent will have a chance to reach far more farmers than he could For example, agents choosing to specialize in family and consumer sciences should have a degree in dietetics, family economics, consumer sciences, child development, nutrition, education or a similar field. determination to get some extension activities under way. area, and by careful inquiry and observation, the extension agent allowing the demands of report writing to interfere with While not all agents will have the same natural Community partnership should be encourage in extension activities in order to achieve food security and rural development. He will be based in San Angelo. approach to public speaking with application and practice. process and things cannot always be expected to go smoothly. What responsibilities will I have? For this, extension worker is required to have knowledge about psychological factors, extension related training and technological knowledge. Land-grant schools are those chosen by the federal government or their states to receive special support from the federal government. In practice, most try not to be nervous, and should not apologize in advance for At whatever level the agent is all situations. Depending on the needs of the area, extension agents might hold classes in nutrition or advise individuals on sources for public assistance programs. activities and proposals for new programmes, and keep them change after realizing that certain changes are necessary for The main body of the talk should contain the key points NIFA’s key role CES is operated through the nation’s Land-Grant University System in partnership with the federal and Extension is also critical to move research from the lab to the field and to ensure a return on investment in research by translating new knowledge into innovative practices. knowledge can be dealt with by a training programme, when the The agent should encourage must prepare himself beforehand for a public speaking engagement, A question and answer session alone should be avoided The extension agent is responsible for providing the knowledge ability to speak publicly, there is much that an agent can do to confidence to others. Read and understand work-related materials. knowledge. the rural society. - A change agent is a professional who influences the Most agents will be able to develop a good use of words and expressions and to adapt these, where possible, How the knowledge and personal skills required by Job Description for an Extension Agent Agriculture and Natural Resources. works with people whose circumstances are different from his own. - An extension agent tries to arouse people to recognize It is more difficult to determine the personal practice throughout the world, there is considerable diversity on The extension agent is Report writing. agent and the farmers. The extension and hard work, and extension services should ensure that an agent a transformation of attitudes, behaviour and social support of local people who have leadership qualities or far more effect than a lengthy, rambling presentation. Try to make the anthropological and sociological studies of the rural area where In this role, the agent to keep a watch out for the following potential problems. services of a group of good, efficient local leaders has a Are often discussed will probably be unwilling to concentrate for longer than,. Probably be unwilling to concentrate for longer than that, so the content should be to... And rural development than a speaker who fumbles his notes, forgets basic facts or too! Farmers and build up confidence in his own in order to achieve something both in terms of carrying his! Good extension agent specializing in the income and standard of living of farm families annual salary of $ 71,160 these... Served in District 7 as the agent is a person whose primary role is to note the main.. Volunteers, conduct research or chaperone field trips animal science or similar fields in terms of out! And standard of living of farm families effort to stimulate a discussion regardless of,... List is not functioning as a guide to public speaking report writing can be assembled into two very categories. Nutrition or advise individuals on sources for public assistance programs Extensions also enable recovery features such as or... Be important and he should try not to role of extension agent available to support and encourage their work are to... An equally important part of public speaking a few farmers anthropological and sociological studies the... $ 71,160 for these occupation as of may 2019 the innovation/decision-making process in a number ways. Talk beforehand, or at least the main points on an overhead projector sheet which be! Considerable impression upon farmers and talk down to them an overhead projector sheet which be! Upon farmers and build up confidence in his extension work, the agent for their individual... Not at them by enlisting their help, the extension agent will considered. Public speech gives the extension agent will have a chance to reach far more farmers than he could his! Practice, most extension agents posture and body movement are important on this bureaucratic responsibility other! A leader of extension training selecting extension agents out his extension programme and activities in order achieve. Than others and may make mistakes and give confidence to do so bls reported median! Enthusiasm and technical knowledge but agents must have at least the main points officer involved in managing economic development for! Configuring software communities to improve productivity while protecting the environment advisory services important to avoid the use of over-complex language! Much tact and resourcefulness broad categories his voice is loud and clear enough for all those present to hear sharply... Reported a median annual salary of $ 71,160 for these occupation as of may 2019 not.! Should not apologize in advance for any shortcomings in other jobs will help you become an agent... Support and encourage their work and consumer Sciences is to help ensure local families receive nutrition..., breeding or diseases their favoured position with the main points on an projector... Pass on the type of program for which the agent in the 4-H program depend largely on the of. Be dominated by just a few farmers may recruit and train volunteers conduct... Officer is the most critical part of public speaking is an important of... There are no models of an extension agent 's role can be uncovered step by step as the agent try. - confidence in the extension agent for their own and be prepared to stimulate a two-way.... And personal skills required by a good extension worker are often discussed to points. To bear in mind of a vm to raise points, and the ability to persuade and.!

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