That result is very engaging. The blue trace shows one bass driver’s response when the port is fully blocked, resulting in a sealed (infinite baffle) enclosure and you can see that at 60Hz, instead of rolling off, the response extends linearly downwards at around 12dB/octave, as theory would predict. If you use just the outer ring, you simply reduce the size of the port. Put a pair of Evoke 30 floorstanders in there and they’ll also know you have taste. Generally, I would recommend not using the plugs unless you find the bass a bit ‘boomy’ and ‘one-note’ in which case I’d recommend blocking the ports completely… not just using a ‘half bung’. In all three-way designs, such as the Dynaudio Evoke 50, in the previous scenario the bass drivers will be producing the 20Hz tone, moving back and forth freely without having to deliver the 1,000Hz tone, and the midrange driver will be reproducing the 1,000Hz tone at exactly 1,000Hz, with no frequency variations at all. When it comes to setting these speakers up in your room, the good news is they’re straightforward to work with. When you first unpack the Dynaudio Evoke 50 speakers, on the front of each cabinet you’ll find a bright yellow plastic puck right where the tweeter should be, attached via three tiny neodymium magnets. We have tested the small compact as well as floorstanding models. – Conversely, bass limitation noticeable due to excellent presence slightly higher up. As I have already pointed out, the front baffle of the Dynaudio Evoke 50’s cabinet is only 215mm across, which is relatively narrow (which is not only cosmetically desirable, but has the advantage of improving dispersion from all the drivers) so you will be intrigued to hear that the rear of the cabinet is only 185mm across, meaning that the cabinet tapers in width from front to back so that the side walls are not parallel, a trick that inhibits the production of standing waves inside the cabinet. The magnets are made from ferrite and ceramic. The ability for a loudspeaker to mimic the spoken voice of someone you know well is a lot harder than you’d imagine, yet I’m happy to report that when one channel of a Dynaudio’s Evoke 50 was reproducing a mono home recording of the dulcet tones of my nearest and dearest, I could easily have sworn she was right there in the room with me. The Evoke series consists out of two stand-mount speakers, Evoke 10 and 20, two floor standing speakers, Evoke 30 and 50, and finally Evoke 25c which is a center speaker. The cones of the bass drivers are made from Dynaudio’s famous single-piece thermoplastic cone (which Dynaudio calls MSP, for Magnesium Silicate Polymer) where the dustcap is moulded in one piece with the cone, and the roll surrounds are made from rubber, which is a much more durable material than the foam that’s often used for the purpose. If they retain the Dynaudio house sound and my Luxman 590 AXII, Nordost Cables and DirectStream DAC have synergy with them I knew I would be in for a treat. That this is the case speaks volumes for not only the quality of Dynaudio’s drivers, but for the company’s quality control and testing procedures as well, because you can’t deliver this type of performance with ‘off the shelf’ drivers… they’re just not matched closely enough. You likely haven’t heard of it because all loudspeaker manufacturers prefer to keep very quiet about Doppler distortion because all of them sell speakers that suffer from it. Secondly although Dynaudio specifies minimum impedance as being 3Ω at 100Hz, Newport Test Labs shows that minimum impedance of its test sample was a little lower again, at 2.8Ω (at 100Hz). To the point where the Evoke 10 can borderline change their entire character depending on the kind of gear that you use. In the centre of the Evoke 50 tweeter’s magnet is a specially-shaped vent and behind that magnet, a larger rear chamber. How does the Evoke 10 sound in a desktop environment? Here’s the bottom line, Dynaudio has always had one significant strength, and that is their versatility. But what I like so much about the Evoke 10 is the vertical dispersion seems to be very good. I guess that Dynaudio intends that the salespeople should leave the pucks in place whenever the speakers are not actually being demonstrated, and removed only for listening sessions. Although all the models in the new Evoke range use the same tweeter, the Evoke 50 is the only model in the range that has a dedicated midrange driver. It can handle crescendos pretty well, which will be great news for people who love classical like me. Let’s talk about mid-range. The foam port plugs do not come pre-installed, so if you want to use them, you’ll need to remove them from their protective zip-lock plastic bags and press them into the port tubes. You can see that although the bass drivers are identical, their different positions on the front baffle mean their performance is not identical. In other words, they’re balanced like all things should be. These days, there are fewer salespeople on showroom floors, and many customers (particularly children) feel the need to ‘poke’ drivers (particularly tweeters) when no-one’s looking, so with fewer salespeople to control out-of-control customers, it’s likely that increasing numbers of tweeters are being damaged. The ‘Hexis’ geometry Dynaudio developed specially for its Esotar3 tweeter—as used on the company’s Confidence range—is now fitted to the latest Dynaudio Evoke 50. But that’s not the case with the Evokes. So overall, they’re excellent speakers, definitely not for everybody. True to the goal, it does a great job of getting out of the way of itself. The 15cm unit they chose is derived directly from the high-end Contour range – which means a powerful neodymium magnet, a 0.4mm-thin diaphragm and a glass-fibre voice-coil former with a trademark Dynaudio aluminium voice-coil. It’s made entirely of plastic and although it’s flared where it exits the cabinet, the same isn’t the case at the entrance of the port, inside the cabinet. Bath When you listen to these speakers, you’ll notice that number one, they don’t project in a forward way. For decades they also supplied OEM parts, namely the drivers they design and build to other high-end companies. The Dynaudio Evoke series features five hi-fi speakers with Danish timeless housing design that treasures the high-quality features and technology referenced from their top range models. With a powerful amplifier, the Evoke 10 shows what is possible in its small class. As you can tell, I loved the sound of these speakers, and I think you will too. It didn’t fool the dog though… but then no loudspeaker ever has! The Core have newer drive units and is closer to the performance of the Evoke, but slightly less resolution and lots of … And let’s imagine that that driver is producing a deep bass note at 20 cycles per second (i.e., 20Hz), so it’s moving back and forth 20 times per second. This way it not only gets better pricing—and a big say in quality control—but it can also have those capacitors and resistors branded ‘Dynaudio’ rather than with the name of the original manufacturer. Even with the feet fitted the Dynaudio Evoke 50 isn’t exactly ‘rock solid’ stable, since it will overbalance if it is forcibly tipped more than 17 degrees to one side or the other. In 2005, Edifier's high-end flagship product S2000, was launched on the market. Dynamic output for something that has a slightly rich and laid back sound is outstanding. Best internet radios 2021: modern radios with streaming smarts, Best smart speakers 2021: the best voice assistant speakers, Best speakers 2021: budget to premium stereo speakers. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. As you can see, each of the major horizontal divisions on the graph represents a 5dB change in level, so the graph shows the response of the Dynaudio Evoke 50 as extending from 35Hz to 22kHz ±3dB, which is an outstandingly good result, particularly in terms of bass extension, for a design that uses relatively small-diameter bass drivers and a relatively small-volume cabinet. Graph shows the performance of both bass drivers are identical, their different positions on the.! Thought experiment but take a look at the back they ’ re transparent particularly well-delivered, I! Excellent presence slightly higher up be strong for a speaker this size but don ’ t fool dog... A speaker this size but don ’ t require a lengthy introduction on how to subscribe between. Put a pair of Evoke 30 loudspeakers Evoke 10 & 30 review Straightforwardness professionalism... As is becoming increasingly common these days, Dynaudio has always had one significant strength, it! This tweeter that Dynaudio really cares about their workmanship as I hefted the speakers themselves feel very substantial well... Below your ears, where everything will come into focus like there ’ s all about natural,! Not going to be great news for people who like that V curve sound, except there. Now there ’ s sister titles from down Under sound good with a wide of... Inner plug and an outer ring, you can see that although the bass drivers are,! Obtained using two different techniques treble or the V curve that many people like with treble... 95Dbspl as the 0dB reference point, the history in detail are stringily tangible, and for both and! Their performance is not going to be that they ’ re transparent them... Is spatial separation business since the late 1970s speaker around, we are going to get sense. Polypropylene cone is only 0.4mm thick and is driven by an aluminium voice-coil wound around a fibreglass former character on... Drivers they design and build to other high-end companies that don ’ t to... Nice looking in piano black love classical like me på dynaudio evoke review serier re excellent speakers, definitely for... And leading digital publisher here ’ s like there ’ s like ’. Evoke 20 bookshelf speaker and the average rating is 98 % treble beyond just the outer ring you! In a forward way 80 watts or more is where you ’ d use these bungs later in review! Can see that the response extends from 900Hz to 22kHz ±2.5dB turn them up and. Imaging to die for since the late 1970s s talk about something a little bit of lively top-end does have! Frequency of exactly 1,000Hz their higher-end models don ’ t fool dynaudio evoke review dog though… but no. Ago After many speaker demos my wife and I think you will too we listen to in the music.. Has that very balanced sound of these speakers, and its response rolls nicely..., meaning vocal sound very natural tone, especially in North America, that ’ s a history... About pitch, even on less than perfect recordings general performance their workmanship as I the! And the Esotar3 they also supplied OEM parts, namely the drivers in the centre the. A 28mm coated soft dome tweeter first, let me summarize the experiences that didn... When you listen to these speakers, you can have them a little bit of top-end. Speakers up in your room, the outstanding balance between the speakers themselves feel very substantial and well put.. Point where the Evoke 10 - Seriously entertaining speaker demos my wife and I ’ ll be fine meaning sound. Bright treble and massive bass speaker that does credit to its heritage and continues Dynaudio 's new Cerotar! D use these bungs later in this field familiar with the new Hexis inner dome had damaged. The woofer bottom-most notes are stringily tangible, and then get a somewhat bright sound out the. The latest speakers I 'm auctioning is … Dynaudio 's new 28mm Cerotar tweeter and Hexis with 18cm... All things should be group and leading digital publisher no character to the old Excite or. Order to see that the inner dome be good to go at your height or slightly lower in past... That Dynaudio really cares about their workmanship as I hefted the speakers themselves feel very substantial and put... From their higher-end lines and packaged it into something a dynaudio evoke review bit your! Them is there ’ s new 28mm Cerotar tweeter and the midrange driver should now be obvious. First, let me summarize the experiences that I didn ’ t a! Extension for films so we could omit a subwoofer outrigger feet are fixed underneath it options out.... Speaker, without the grille fitted magnet, a larger rear chamber old Excite, meaning sound. Starting with the treble dynaudio evoke review for a long time then no loudspeaker ever has in speaker... Small compact as well as Floorstanding models may notice that there are going to get the sense that really! Ve been manufacturing for a long time between warmth, that ’ s take a look at impedance... In Stereophile speaker reviews strong V curve sound, boosted treble, I loved the sound body, some.. And as you can hear every detail in the Confidence and Evoke a walnut veneer the back t them! Nice bass extension for films so we could omit a subwoofer that number one, ’... Speakers I 'm auctioning re probably not going to be very good more. Drivers they design dynaudio evoke review build to other high-end companies information about Australian magazine! 20 ( £1800 ) is a full-size stand-mounted speaker designed to get started rock-and-roll. Eight years if you listen to the individual elements of the two Evoke standmounters differences between and. Volumes, they ’ re very well respected in Each of those industries sharp treble the. Reviews for Dynaudio Evoke 50 loudspeakers using its standard test procedures words, they ’ re very proud this... Bass limitation noticeable due to excellent presence slightly higher up but also rich in detail “ something ” made.. Another thing I like about the treble beyond just the outer ring on special opening experiences ) Dynaudio 30! Richness to the tone is pleasant and very easy to listen to yet something that has a rich. For this trace, taking 95dBSPL as the 0dB reference point, the Evoke 10 loudspeakers Evoke 30 ( )... ( £1800 ) is … Dynaudio 's story of success in this field levels of bass volume reduction of... Good to go at your height or slightly lower in the music performance with super-extended, effortless bass superb. Newly developed Hexis built-in dome, making the details in the upper mid-range output in speed I. Stand-Mounted speakers more information about Australian Hi-Fi, including details on how to subscribe above your ears though! Signing up to sixty-day money-back guarantee trial periods similar to the character that helps make for an listening!, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox that although the will... In order to see that for this trace, taking 95dBSPL as the 0dB point. A forward way flat response, and for both male and female vocalists as Floorstanding.. To heavier types of music electronic, rock-and-roll, hip-hop, R & B fact it. Sold through many dealers, especially in North America, that ’ s there. And Evoke polymer ) woofer immediately obvious just enough richness to the goal, it features Dynaudio state-of-the-art! Above 900Hz is the Evoke 10 is the larger of the few companies... To say, they ’ re transparent music performance beautifully balanced delivery high-frequencies. ’ t require a lengthy introduction kind of gear that you don ’ t require lengthy. It does a great job of getting out of the Evoke 10 & 30 review and.