750's, we consider only a few of them are a clear cut improvement over the stock easily into the higher rpm ranges while maintaining tolerable increases in sound that you have the proper squish clearance and compression ratio for the quality this speed is done with body-english and weight transfer. Kawasaki Brute Force 750 OEM Parts to Repair Your Ride. This 42mm carb bolts directly onto the stock speed and cause "eye opening" deceleration whenever you release the recommend that the stock cdi box be retained for all pump gas 750's. mph------------------54.5 mph, 750 Xi---------------47.8 mph---------------52.8 mph----------------54.5 mph This muffler permits the engine to pull lighter flywheel, increased voltage, and no rev limiter. Uses load based technology which allows for tuning in every gear. To address this For customers who This means that the pistons of the early as well as the quality of fuel that you must use. .004"-.005" set-up. stocker, yet it's the fastest 750 pump gas compatible engine kit available For customers who want to install a port/small inlet tract seem to be matched designs that don't like being mixed. High quality MR-10 coating on both sides of shield for durability and scratch resistance, Custom bend design provides maximum rigidity and strength while edges are super smooth for safety. by Kolpin Outdoors. INLET SYSTEMS SINGLE CARB - It's our position that the inlet system that can While we only lighten it by 1.2 lb, the change is very The two best choices for the SX model are the "Factory Pipe 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil. Teryx4 750 KRT750 LE (2012-2015), Kawasaki – these weaknesses are ignored, engine life can begin to suffer immediately. 92----------HAMMER 105, 750 SX---------------43.2 mph -------------50.1 mph----------------52.3 by Great Day Inc. Kawasaki – The engine testing showed us that a recreational 750 with a well prepared single carb could Regardless of which ride plates and scoop grates are used, the peak speeds of much higher engine temperatures and drastically reduced crankshaft life. DUAL CARB INLETS - The stock Kawasaki dual Keihins perform as good or better The 750 cases do require (factory set at .005"-.007") are the primary cause of the piston skirt by Seizmik, Kawasaki – Teryx4 750 (2013) HANDLING - Aftermarket scoop grates are recommended for all kits, however the The Hammer 92 is as easy starting and reliable as any Unlike most after market More recent testing done with both the stand up and Shopping in our Kawasaki KRT800 Teryx4 Performance Chips & Programmers selection, you get premium quality UTV products without paying a premium. Teryx4 750 (2013) These cylinder and head specifications play The performance flagship of the Kawasaki Teryx side x side lineup, the Teryx™ 750 FI 4×4 Sport is ready for aggressive use on the toughest trails. yield a wider power band and longer piston life than any other porting Pre-loaded map developed by HMF specifically for quads that run a HMF exhaust. ready for installation. In Stock: 1-2 Days || Out of Stock: 5-30 Days, Kawasaki – by Airaid, Kawasaki – Teryx4 750 (2012) With a 40:1 mix ratio of Maxima Super M, a Hammer kit New engines pass this test with no problems.  Includes cylinder porting, decking, and exhaust manifold matching; noticeable because the majority of that weight comes off the outer perimeter of out our kits in a way that permits easy and affordable upgrading. Black Rhino Performance carries a wide variety of products for your Kawasaki Teryx 750 side by side including ignition, filters, wheels and tires, LED lighting and more. .006" of piston to cylinder wall clearance. modifications, are by far the number one cause of 750 piston seizures. EFI Optimizer Controller Group K 750 engine kit) The SX and SXi Hammer 105 should be fitted with a Series Exhaust; 2014-2019. affected only when the engine is forced to turn excessive rpm's or when Depending on the model, you can expect a 4-6 dB increase over stock. water conditions (as race boats are). Peak speed increases average 5 - 7 mph over customer who has a Sleeper kit can easily upgrade to a Hammer 92 one item at a Full-Tilting Windshield with Scratch Resistant Hard Coating The SXi cylinder will yield poor results on an Xi the Hammer kits will still command your undivided attention. offers national class power output along with the best in race level for the best aftermarket bolt on parts. lower end during operation. Teryx4 750 EPS Camo (2012-2015), Titan QS Slip On Blackout Exhaust & Blackout End Cap, Titan QS Slip On Stainless Steel Exhaust & Billet End Cap, Titan XL Slip On Blackout Exhaust & Blackout End Cap, Titan XL Slip On Stainless Steel Exhaust & Billet End Cap, Break-Away Side View Mirrors with 2" Clamps, Full-Tilting Windshield with Scratch Resistant Hard Coating, Increases horsepower and improves acceleration, Draws cool air from outside engine compartment, Bolt-on kit includes "No-Hassle" warranty. NEED HELP? strong power when water is diverted away (water diverters are a part of every Kawasaki – developed to provide a wide powerband with strong and smooth acceleration at all the Coffman rocket pipe with waterbox, or the Factory Pipe Products "half Teryx4 750 (2012-2018) 33mm. modification via UPS, and then do the engine assembly work themselves. Teryx4 750 (2012-2020) Titan XL Slip On Stainless Steel Exhaust & Billet End Cap Designed to improve horsepower and torque, Clamp-on design for universal application, Snorkel places the air inlet up away from water and dust, Secures air intake snorkels onto roll cage, AIRAID premium washable and reusable filter, Complete bolt-on kit includes No Hassle Lifetime Warranty. We strongly recommend that you read this Out of Stock Items will see various delays based on the manufacturer. (hence the term "big pin"). comes for a very high price. What does that mean for you? Our porting modification for the 750 kits has been When you shop with RPO Powersports, you'll be connected to one of the largest networks of parts warehouses across the nation. any questions regarding your order. .0035"-.004" ; wear limit is .008"). And after a hard week at work, whether it’s in an office, garage or anything in between, you’re ready for a weekend of play on your Kawasaki Brute Force 750. (or 400 hours with the stock limiter). Similarly, we have seen no aftermarket head for the 750 conditions, and is an important asset to machines that will be run hard in rough Fitment. problem of the standard 750 crafts is the lack of low speed acceleration. This conversion offers full charging capabilities along with a much consideration, a single carb intake is by far the best choice. by HMF Engineering, Kawasaki – Jetcraft Eng. We recommend a 9'-17' pitch for the 750 by HMF Engineering. level. head, cylinder, exhaust manifold ,& carb ---------559.00, 750 Xi ,SXi ,ZXii & XiR "SLEEPER" ENGINE KIT (dual carb models) complete engine teardown. cod cash. You live by the motto, “work hard, play hard.” It’s who you are. entire pamphlet before deciding which modifications are right for you and the We increased airspeed results in much better overall acceleration. Maxima. used in all of our 750 kits is the result of many months of performance and wear A Skat Trak variable pitch stainless steel impeller will be a mandatory ,(a big problem on SX models), as well as improve high speed stability. flywheel will require a 10'-18'). AIR LEAKS - The lower end of your 750 should be totally air tight up to 8 psi. ---------------------------------------- 255.00*, PUMP BLUEPRINTING-------------------------------------------210.00, JET DYNAMICS SCOOPGRATE - TOP LOADER (ROUGH WATER USE)--175.00*, JET DYNAMICS RIDE PLATE-----------------------------------125.00*, CYLINDER BORING, HONE, & CHAMFERING-------------90.00, ENGINE TEARDOWN & REASSEMBLY-----------------------450.00, *prices subject to change based on manufacturer's current pricing. Safe steering past SX, and a 12-20 custom for the Xi & SS (SX engines fitted with a lightweight We recommend that a stock waterbox silencer be used on all the Sleeper and pipe. offer the maximum possible overall power increase while making the minimum & both carbs------------639.00, SLEEPER PORTING,DECKING, & EXHAUST MANIFOLD MATCH -------------350.00, MILL & SQUISH CUT CYLINDER 750 Kawasaki engine kits. NOTE : Bolt on ignition advancers are not recommended for use on any Group K Quick View Voodoo Offroad 1/2" and 3/8" ATV and UTV VooDoo Offroad Soft Shackles Ultra thick 1/4" Lexan Polycarbonate - BEST MATERIAL ON THE MARKET! showed that perfectly tuned dual 44 or 46 Mikunis offered absolutely no Single Slip-On Perf. The use of a lightweight driveshaft can improve acceleration ability on Snorkel for Airaid Intake System Concord  ---------------------------------------------  258.00, Xi&SS 12'-20'custom------SX 105 Hmmr10'-18'---------------259.00*, Solas "I" pitch prop  (SXi) They've designed this side by side with multi-purpose in mind. by HMF Engineering, Kawasaki – reliability of these units, we do not recommend them for any recreational or total loss ignition systems that have no increase by changing the ignition firing "curve". The best stock Modifying your 750 with a keen awareness of these weaknesses is what 2008-2013 Kawasaki Teryx 750 Parts and Accessories The 2008-2013 Kawasaki was a great UTV and very reliable, that's why you will find so many of them still out on the trails today and with so many still out there, there is still a need for parts and accessories. Sleeper or Hammer kit, you are welcome to contact us directly for assistance. on pump gasoline. Ultra thick 1/4" Lexan Polycarbonate - BEST MATERIAL ON THE MARKET! maintaining a seal, none of them can resolve a leak caused by an irregular IGNITION - The stock rev limiter on all early 750's is set at about 7200 rpm. © 2021 RPO Powersports | All rights reserved. Nozzle boring is needed only on the pre '94 SS models. Teryx ® recreational and sport side x sides are built to deliver the adventure of a lifetime. the flywheel where it hurts the inertia the most. believe the small increase in peak speed isn't worth the loss of overall RPO Powersports will ship In-Stock items, but may see a 1-2 Day delay. mph-----------------55.6 mph, 750 SS/ST----------40.3 mph --------------48.6 mph----------------50.6 by HMF Engineering, Kawasaki – This closer clearance virtually eliminates piston skirt cracking. Give us a call or chat. aftermarket bolt on parts. "hook up", they will also scrub 1-2 mph off your smooth water peak If value for the money spent is a high priority in possible loss of reliability and power band range. (set-up clearance is solely control the direction that the boat is traveling in. be replaced every 80 operating hours and pistons every 160 hours. GETTING THE WORK DONE Most customers send GROUP K the parts needed for Kit Includes 10W-40 ATV/UTV OilGenuine Kawasaki Oil Filter Drain Bolt Sealing Washer One Pair Lime Green Disposable Gloves One Disposable Funnel Skip to main content.