BE A BETTER, SAFER COOK – There’s nothing worse than serving food that is underdone or overdone . The good news is that our instant read precision cooking thermometer can easily prevent these problems by giving you an accurate temperature read-out in seconds, which means no more guess work, no more burnt offerings, and no more risk of food poisoning.
• VERSATILE – This electronic contact temperature gauge is not only for checking whether your meat is done , as it can also be used for candy, chocolate, yogurt, bread, oil, sugar, tea or coffee, soup, beer, water, your baby’s bath, baby milk, when baking, roasting or even deep frying, and much, much more. And the carrying case that’s included allows you to take it anywhere – like on a camping trip.
• EASY TO USE, EASY TO READ – The large stainless steel probe is just under six inches, which is long enough to test the internal temperature of even the largest turkey, while the clear LCD display on this product, which measures approximately half an inch by one inch , means there will be no mis-reading it, which is an easy mistake with older analog type thermometers with small dials.
• DUAL TEMPERATURE WITH AN EXCELLENT RANGE – You can easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius at the touch of a button. And because it can measure temperatures as cold as -58 F and as high as 572 F, you’ll be hard pressed to find a situation where you can’t use this essential kitchen tool.
• SMART DESIGN FEATURES MAKE IT THE BEST GIFT – In addition to all of the above, this must-have accessory has been designed to be splash-proof, which helps keep it clean, while the auto-shut-off feature, which kicks in after 10 – 15 seconds of inactivity, will prolong your battery life. It also features Hold and Min/Max buttons. What a great gadget for a grill pit master!