Review: 5/5
Smaller than Expected, But I Really Like It

It is smaller than I expected, but accurately matches the pictured item. It is 3″ high, 2.5″ wide, and 1″ thick plus a clip on the back. I prefer it this size now. It is nice and small, not obtrusive on my desk, and the screen text size is plenty large and easy to read. The hygrometer accuracy might be low by up to 10% compared to two Honeywell units’ measurements. At first, it seemed quite accurate and closely matched my other electric hygrometers when I first tested it out of the box. It took at a number of hours to equalize at first when fresh out of the package and a new battery. But as seen in the video, the 3 unites don’t agree. However, I am satisfied with knowing whether generally very low or very high and how it varies. When my skin and eyes feel dry at work, sure enough it says 15%. It is surprising how much the humidity varies through the day at my location.

The temperature seems quite accurate, varying only as much as the rest of my many electronic thermometers do which vary as much just differences due to location in a room. Right now it says 73 while my wall clock says 73.4 and a bulb thermometer on another wall says 74, but they are different heights, different walls, proximity to various heat sources, and one this one is a little closer to the window. I am pretty confident in it.

I am very happy with it and is a very good value for the price. I am considering buying more to keep one at work and another at a different location at home and a 2nd opinion to my other electronic hydrometer. But if accuracy is paramount, this might not be the most accurate (or else my other 2 are off). For a decent estimate, it is great for me.