Arduino Project: IR thermometer using the MLX90614 IR temperature sensor from

//Arduino Project: IR thermometer using the MLX90614 IR temperature sensor from

In this video we learn how to build a very usefull project. An Infrared thermometer, using the MLX90614 IR temperature sensor and the a Nokia 5110 LCD display shield. We are also using an Arduino Uno but you can use any Arduino board you like.




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A few weeks ago webstore contacted me and asked me if I wanted any items to build projects with them. After searching among the cool items they offer I discovered two gems. The Nokia 5110 LCD shield for Arduino and the MLX90614 IR temperature sensor. Since the Nokia 5110 is my favorite display to use with Arduino, this shield became my favorite at once since it makes things so much easier. We don’t need to connect wires any more in order to use it which makes prototyping a lot faster. It also has a small joystick embedded. And the price of it is less than 4$, which is great!

I combined these two items that was kind enough to send me in order to build this IR thermometer! You can find links for the parts in a link in the description of the video.
The project is capable of measuring the temperature of an object without touching it, from a small distance. It can measure temperatures from -70 degrees Celsius to 380 degrees. The accuracy is about 0.5 degree in room temperature which is great! Let’s see the project in action. If I point the sensor at the cutting mat, the temperature it measures is

Now, if I point the sensor at my palm, the temperature rises to …. . You may wonder why it does not measure 36.6 degrees Celsius. That’s because the skin temperature of a human, is different of the body temperature which is 36.6. The normal skin temperature of a person is between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius. Let’s measure the temperature of more objects…. Cool isn’t it?

Let’s now see how to build this project. All we need is an Arduino Uno, the Nokia 5110 LCD shield and the MLX90614 IR sensor module. The sensor uses the I2C protocol so, it is extremely easy to make it work with Arduino.

IR Sensor:
Nokia 5110:


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