Just a creative thing that I did in my spare time. This video shows you how to take a temperature to determine whether or not you have a fever, what temperatures are considered a mild and high fevers, the causes, when to seek medical attention, and what causes digital thermometers to display inaccurate readings.

You may have a fever as low as 99.0 taken orally, 99.4 taken in the ear, 99.9 taken rectally (this method is generally for people under the age of 2) , 98.3 taken in the armpit (normal for this method is about 97.6), 99.0 using a forehead (temporal) thermometer.

You likely have a fever as low as 99.5 taken orally, 100.0 taken in the ear, 100.4 taken rectally, 99.0 taken in the armpit, 99.5 with a forehead scan.

You have a HIGH fever as low as:
101.0 taken orally
101.4 taken in the ear
102.2 taken rectally (people under age 2)
100.0 taken in the armpit
101.0 taken with a forehead scan

For Rectal Measurements, subtract one degree from the reading.
For Axillary Measurements, add one degree to the reading.
Uploaded: 09/19/10
Recorded: 09/19/10