Get the Klein Tools IR2000 (former model….I will replace with new version when available) at Amazon —

Here is more info direct from Klein’s website —

Klein tools just released this new infrared thermometer to replace the older IR2000 model, and I really like the features that they built into it.

It has “dual lasers” for sighting in exactly what you are measuring the temperature reading on, and that helps remove a lot of the guesswork when trying to be as accurate as possible. They include a “K-type thermocoupler” for taking precise temperature readings or those out of the normal IR range, which can be used at the same time as the IR readings, so you can literally monitor two different things at the same time.

They have a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount built into the bottom of the unit, so you can have it aimed at a work surface & it will scan in a stationary position as you free up both hands to keep working.

Infrared thermometers are some of the most useful tools in any garage, and the ability to know exact temperature readings very quickly will not only help you locate problems….it will help ensure that they have been fixed also.

Check out the video to see the IR2000A for yourself!