Check out the Ryobi ES2000 IR Thermometer here —

Ryobi just released the brand new lineup of Phone Works tools….which are a totally new kind of tools that work directly with you iPhone or Android & can save real time data so you wont lose track of the various projects you are working on.

The ES2000 is the Infrared Thermometer, and not only can it take live temperature readings, it also uses the phone’s camera to have a live video feed for you to watch & take screenshots of when you want to keep track of things or email/text/upload pics to your contractor so they know exactly what is going on & what you are talking about.

The mount that they have as part of the unit even has a 1/4-20 tripod mount threaded into the bottom, so if you are wanting to have very precise or continuous readings, you can use the IR thermometer literally “hands-free” while you work.

Here are some quick specs on the ES2000 :

– Measures temps ranging from -22F – 622F
– Reads both Celsius & Fahrenheit
– 1 yr warranty
– Works on iPhone & Android (verify your phone compatibility on the Phone Works website)
– Capture High Definition images that you can save/email/upload/share

Here are a few pointers that I can tell you from using the ES2000 :

– The closer you are to the object being measured, the more accurate the reading (ALL infrared thermometers are this way)
– Be sure to turn your headphone volume to MAX! (this is how the ES2000 communicates with your phone)
– Hold your phone & not the mount….that way you wont accidentally drop your phone and break it

The entire Phone Works lineup is very impressive, so keep your eye out for more videos from us about the rest of what they have available!